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Ciaran Davis-Wall, Sustainable Design Specialist

Ciaran Davis-Wall is a key member of PTE’s Knowledge Hub, which provides technical and regulatory advice to the practice.

Within his nine years of experience as an energy engineer, Ciaran has amassed knowledge on improving sustainability within the construction industry and designing for low energy, advising on Part L compliance and consulting on overheating issues.

Ciaran provides technical advice and assessments covering all aspects of building physics and sustainability. He keeps abreast of current knowledge in this field and equips the design team through effective dispersal of information, ensuring their designs are based on the latest information and guidance.

Ciaran is a member of PTE’s Green Futures group, encouraging and enabling a greater focus on sustainability across all PTE projects.He is an associate level CIBSE member.

  • Studied at Victoria University, New Zealand, 2011
  • Senior Energy Engineer, Low Energy Consultancy 2018-2020
  • Joined Pollard Thomas Edwards in 2020
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