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What we do

PTE specialises in the creation of new neighbourhoods and the revitalisation of old ones. Our projects embrace the whole spectrum of residential development and other essential ingredients which make our cities, towns and villages into thriving and sustainable places: schools and nurseries, health and community centres, shops and workspaces, places to recreate, exercise and enjoy civic life.

How we do it

PTE offers a unique combination of commercial acumen, design talent and social commitment. Our rigorous, questioning approach produces design solutions that are intelligent, imaginative and which add value and joy. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients, forging long term relationships. We place great importance not only on the way that buildings look, but also on the way that they are made, the way they are used and how they age.

Who we are

PTE is a practice of about 150 professional and support staff. We are owned and managed by our working partners. Our core services are architecture, masterplanning, urban design, property development and community engagement.

Where we work

We are based in Islington and are active in nearly all the London boroughs. We carry out architectural projects throughout England.

What's different about PTE

We have the resources and financial strength of a large practice but we offer the personal service of a small one. We practice what we preach by carrying out our own developments through our related property companies. We bring to our external clients the skills and aptitude learned through over 40 years of profitable and award-winning development experience.

Our projects range from five homes to five thousand. We are equally comfortable tackling smaller bespoke building projects as we are masterplanning whole new settlements and urban districts.

We never forget that every ‘unit’ will be somebody’s home or workplace and deserves the care that we would give to designing for our own occupation.

We aim to build what we design and we retain the full range of skills in-house to take projects from inception to occupation. We believe that an architect cannot create a successful concept without understanding how it will be delivered.

Our studios at Diespeker Wharf provide a great working environment, a local landmark and a visible expression of the practice’s ethos. Along with our neighbouring developments on City Road Basin, they show how restored historic buildings and radical new ones can stimulate economic, social and environmental regeneration.

PTE has won over 200 awards in the history of the practice, including BD Housing Architect of the Year 2017 and AJ Sustainable Practice of the year in 2018.