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Beechwood Village
Swan Housing Association
Number of homes
Homes per hectare
Local authority
Basildon Council
National Housing Award 2017 - Highly Commended
Planning Awards - Award for planning for increased housing delivery 2018 - Winner

Pollard Thomas Edwards has designed a new neighbourhood of over 250 volumetric family houses for sale to people on moderate incomes. Factory-built modular technology offers an outstanding range of consumer choice, creating unique homes, which customers have designed to suit their own needs and aspirations. The prototypes are complete, and the first commissioned homes arrived on site in 2018.

PTE is providing a full service from concept to completion.

Swan is truly committed to delivering innovation. Offsite construction is commonly used overseas and the homes are indistinguishable from ones that are built using more traditional methods. We already have our own in-house skilled construction team and so, as both the constructor and developer of the homes, we are perfectly placed to manage the process of building homes offsite efficiently and to the highest standards.”
Geoff Pearce, Deputy Chief Executive, Swan
This is custom build innovation in action. On one side PTE has developed a formula for customising at scale, offering a million choices on a large site, supported by a digitised process. But the concept of customised home is being used at Beechwood West as a marketing tool to create interest and demand, attracting residents that might not otherwise consider the development. Clever stuff indeed.”
Duncan Hayes, Editor, Custom Build Strategy
Evolution is usually better than revolution
Evolution is usually better than revolution Diespeker Wharf
38 Graham Street
London N1 8JX

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Evolution is usually better than revolution